Strapworks Lightweight Polypropylene Webbing, 1.5 Inches
Strapworks Lightweight Polypropylene Webbing, 1.5 Inches
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Strapworks Lightweight Polypropylene Webbing

When you need strength, durability and versatility, choose polypropylene webbing from Strapworks. Polypropylene webbing is available in many colors in both lightweight and heavyweight varieties. While the varieties of polypropylene vary in thickness and strength, all types are mold, mildew, moisture and rot resistant.  

A Favorite Among Outdoor Enthusiasts  

This webbing is an excellent choice for many outdoor activities. Use this strapping for tie-downs and cargo straps.  Take it with you when camping, climbing, boating or rafting.

Great for DIY Arts and Crafts

Take your craft project to the next level by using this lightweight webbing.  Create handcrafted belts, slides, cams, or ratchets. Use it to make a unique dog leashes and collars, guitar straps, replace a purse bag strap, or repair your lawn chair.  Pair the polypro webbing with Strapworks’ metal and plastic hardware.

Why Choose Strapworks?

We pride ourselves in being the only US based manufacturer truly offering strap customization from quantity 1 to over 100,000 and anything in between for everyone, business or individual. Strapworks offers the widest selection of webbing sizes and colors, all shipped to you faster than any other supplier. Over the years we have worked with customers in every industry, on every continent, and even in space! Strapworks really is the expert in straps, in business since 1999.

Binding Sports
Feature PREMIUM UTILITY WEBBING - This low-stretch strapping is water and UV resistant. A top choice for outdoor use, this versatile webbing is a must-have when camping, boating, rafting and more.,1.5-INCH WEBBING FACTS - The 1.5-inch wide polypropylene webbing is 0.040 inches thick.  It has a breaking strength of 900 pounds and a melting point of 330 degrees F.  This lightweight webbing comes in 29 vibrant colors.,POLYPROPYLENE MATERIAL - Polypropylene webbing is made from thermoplastic resins and is a great choice for your outdoor webbing needs.  The material is resistant to mildew, mold, acids, oil and grease. It even has some ability to float on water.,WIDE VARIETY OF USES - Polypro strapping is easy to manipulate and sew, perfect for the DIYer.  Use Strapworks' metal and plastic hardware to create nifty pet collars, unique clothing and repair/replace straps on bags and purses.,WORLD LEADER IN STRAPS - Strapworks is a family owned company based in Eugene, Oregon. We have been producing the highest-quality straps, webbing, tie-downs and more since 1976.
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Title Strapworks Lightweight Polypropylene Webbing, 1.5 Inches

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